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Keep Britain Solvent – UK Plc

Webinar, 6 May 2021, 2-3.15pm, BST London, 20 April 2021, 2pm. For immediate release CREDIT TODAY, in association with SKSI,…

CREDIT TODAY magazine is currently being revamped, under the auspices of its owner, Blue Moon Group Limited, to continue to provide the leading insights into risk assessment, credit granting and debt recovery strategies.

An exciting mix of developments is planned as the brand evolves into its next phase, with emphasis on analysis, consultancy, networking and innovation, building on the existing portfolio of magazine, awards, show, and range of supplementary events and media products.

Credit Today is the magazine for the commercial and consumer credit industry.

For more information, please contact Gerard Dugdill, publishing director. Email  or call +44 (0)7900 267988.


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