9th Annual Investors’ Conference on European CLOs and Leveraged Loans


CREDIT TODAY is delighted to be in attendance at the upcoming European CLOs & Leveraged Loans [2022] (imn.org) 21 April, at America Square, with the guys at IMN, as we expand our coverage into market (“City”) credit looking at the following questions:

  • How is the market shaping up 15 years or so after the so-called financial crash?
  • How is credit moving through the whole economic system, from prime generators to end users?
  • How are international developments coming along?

If you would like to meet there please get in touch with publisher, Gerard Dugdill, gd@credittoday.co

Or if you are interested in developing these topics further, through an event or online discussion, please also get in touch.

Thanks to the team at IMN.

Register for the event here.


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