Intrum Adopts Aryza Control to Advance Credit Management and Market Leadership in the Netherlands


Intrum, Europe’s largest credit management service provider, partnered with Aryza Group, a leading provider of financial software solutions, to leverage its cutting-edge software solution, Aryza Control to automate its business processes, improve performance, and establish a strong market presence in the Netherlands.

As part of its strategic mission, Intrum aims to become the market leader in Belgium and the Netherlands. Intrum has recognised its clients’ evolving needs and expectations in recent years and is committed to sustainable growth aligned with their requirements.

Aryza Control has been instrumental in enabling Intrum’s growth trajectory by automating various aspects of the business and enhancing overall performance. Intrum cooperates with numerous bailiffs for judicial collection when amicable collection attempts prove unsuccessful. To objectively evaluate the performance of bailiffs handling ongoing files, Intrum leverages Aryza Control with half a million claims meticulously recorded in the software, making the information derived from it key.

The importance of the information obtained from Aryza Control cannot be overstated. Intrum is increasingly engaging in agreements with bailiffs to determine the feasibility of amicable collection for certain files, aiming to save consumers from unnecessary costs. Aryza Control serves as a transparent solution in these situations, enabling objective evaluations based on mutually agreed-upon data. By leveraging Aryza Control, Intrum gains greater control across the entire chain of activities, ranging from debtor management and amicable collection to judicial collection.

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Aryza Control provides Intrum with invaluable insights by unlocking critical operational and financial data reported by bailiffs. This information is crucial for Intrum to assess the financial impact during the judicial collection stage, in line with its commitment to sustainability. Additionally, Intrum actively engages in discussions with its clients about the importance of socially responsible debt collection and strives to minimise the reliance on judicial processes.

The implementation of Aryza Control empowers Intrum to distinguish between individuals who are genuinely unable to pay and those who are unwilling to fulfil their obligations, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding the most suitable collection options for different cases. The transparency provided by Aryza Control significantly enhances Intrum’s ability to address inquiries and concerns related to judicial recovery, thereby improving overall transparency and performance.

Erik Koch, Aryza Benelux General Manager commented “By adopting Aryza Control, Intrum is taking proactive steps to streamline its operations. The collaboration between Intrum Netherlands and Aryza Group showcases their mutual dedication to leveraging cutting-edge technology to meet the evolving needs of its clients and fostering sustainable growth to drive positive change in the credit management industry.”

Guy Colpaert, Managing Director at Intrum Benelux, said “This strategic collaboration enables us to automate our business operations, enhance performance, and establish a prominent market presence in the Netherlands. Aryza Control provides us with unprecedented transparency and control across the entire collection process, allowing us to make informed decisions, improve efficiency, and deliver exceptional results.”

Gerard Dugdill (Publishing Director, Credit Today)

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