Credit Today Launches Debt Manifesto


CREDIT Today is launching a Keep Britain Solvent policy manifesto, following the recent “Getting Out of Debt” webinar, to steer government and regulatory policy on debt post “lockdown”.

Key policy wishlists, looking at both income and debt repayment policies, will include:

  • Examination of issues around a “living income” floor, and social security net to stop people taking on unwanted credit, as well as energy audits and expanded social services funding
  • Revision of rates at which reductions come off universal credits, greater provision of no-interest loan schemes and “appropriate” funding for debt advice, “always a hot topic”, including for face-to-face advice.
  • Industry standards in vulnerability and affordability across creditor groups
  • Removal of zero hours contracts, increased focus on credit unions and energy saving schemes 
  • Examination of how data can be used better to avoid bad debt?

Credit Today publishing director Gerard Dugdill said: “We will with as many partners as possible, including government, regulators, the credit industry, including debt advice, to drive forward policies aimed at minimising or eliminating debt difficulty due to lockdown.”

For all enquiries, please email gd@credittoday.co or call +44 (0)7900 267988.


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