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Recent developments… Onguard

On February 20th, 2020 Visma acquired Onguard, the market leader in cloud-based order-to-cash solutions in the Netherlands. The acquisition strengthens Visma’s position in the Dutch market and allows Onguard to extend its platform across Europe.

Visma has grown steadily in the Dutch market over the last few years, and today extends its presence further by adding Onguard’s order-to-cash solutions as a strategic complement to its financial management, HR management, procurement, and Digital Society cloud solutions in the Netherlands. Onguard joins the family of well-known Dutch brands in the Visma group, including Visma Connect, Visma Raet, ProActive, Visma Idella, PinkWeb, HR2day, Dot web, VerzuimSignaal, PlusPort, Circle Software, and Visma Roxit.

Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Onguard is a European market leader in cloud-based order-to-cash solutions, providing an end-to-end product suite ranging from solutions for risk management and invoicing to credit management and collections. Through a combination of Onguard’s core platform and partner products, the company is able to provide a flexible, horizontal solution that serves the needs of both small and large enterprises in numerous industries. The company serves over 30,000 business users across 600 companies, most notably Aon, Schiphol, BMW, and Lloyds Bank.

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Product news…

Onguard, the fintech company specialising in order-to-cash and credit management, has selected technology services company Rackspace to boost the agility of its customer operations.

With the Rackspace Private Cloud powered by VMware, Onguard is able to adapt even better to customer needs with enhanced automation on a single tenant, dedicated private cloud, with a 99.9% network uptime guarantee and 24/7 support.

In addition, the time to launch a new customer environment has been reduced from six hours to just 15 minutes in what was once a labour-intensive exercise. Onguard can now also test all customer systems through built-in DTAP (Develop, Test, Acceptance, and Production) environments, something that wasn’t possible before. Rackspace will continue to support Onguard as it expands to other European countries.

Using Onguard’s intelligent platform to integrate data across all aspects of the order-to-cash process (using technology such as APIs, big data and AI), companies are able to create more efficient data-driven payment processes, to maintain good customer relationships. Rackspace has improved the speed at which Onguard can now respond to its customers when implementing new solutions. Using Rackspace’s private cloud offering makes it easier for Onguard to respond to market demand while ensuring that customers’ environments and applications are always up to date.

“The future of credit…”

The immense amount of available data requires smart solutions in order to harness and utilise this data effectively. Companies must undergo a digital transformation to make the data work for them and guarantee their continuity.​ Digital transformation is one of the most discussed topics within organisations, whether during meetings or in corridors. And that’s not for nothing.

To appeal to both current and future customers, organisations must be digitally accessible, and this is something the CFO and finance department plays an important role in. With access to the right data, finance professionals can help with the development of new digital products and services, making and predicting customer decisions and supporting forecasting and budgeting, for example. Companies that can collect, connect, and use the right data, making the data work for them, will be able to adapt to change, take on threats and opportunities, and secure their continuity.

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