Reaching the parts other technologies don’t.


In the second of an exclusive series of articles on communication in debt recovery, Paul Nield, director of Complete Communication Solutions (CCS), discusses his new “Omni Reach” technology for single point of contact. 

Since writing his first article, CCS has been shortlisted as finalists in three categories in the Credit & Collection Technology Award 2020.

IN my first article, I outlined the importance of preparing your organisation to have the tools available to engage “digitally” with your client base.  

As we know consumers are becoming more focused on contact by non-voice methods. The challenge for organisations is:

  1. How do you manage the variety of communication channels?
  2. How can you ensure service delivery ?
  3. How can you audit and track the historic contact?

About 18 months ago, in preparation of how the communication model was changing, CCS began to invest in and develop a single point of contact tool named “Omni Reach”.

This SaaS portal allows organisations to centrally manage all live, two-way chat’s (Web, Text Message, Email, Messenger, WhatsApp & other social media).

Omni Reach has the ability to streamline digital conversations, by either allocating to ‘live’ agents based on decision science or by self-serving via AI Chatbot responses.


Chatbot information can be obtained in real-time from our clients CRM data, ensuring ID&V can be obtained and confirmed before any live agent interaction. This facility also ensures that the most up to date client information is available for the Chatbot ie Balance check.

Our AI Chatbot uses natural language processing, reading the chat and assigning actions/workflows and responses based on intent. Due to our experience of supplying text message services within collection and arrears (as of August 2020 we provide digital services to over 20 DCA and DP organisations across the UK and Europe), our AI chatbot is continually learning and adapting to inbound information.

With a vast amount of functionality, easy implementation and an array of MI/analytic reporting available, Omni Reach offers you an opportunity to future proof your organisations digital communication strategy.

In my final article we will discuss the benefits of deploying a single solution to manage all non-voice communications into your business.


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