Saas Comms Summit launches tech comms future


A NEW ERA in probing the science of customer communications opens with the launch of the Saas Comms summit – a joint venture between Saascoms and Credit Today – examining how councils and utilities can ramp up collections strategies post lockdown.


The summit, taking place 13 October 2022, 11:00-15:00 at Stoke City football club, will focus on:

  • The economic landscape and how creditors can help customers
  • The current state of communications with customers
  • Alternative ways to communicate in terms of technology and new data sources
  • Building an increasingly sophisticated portfolio of strategies
  • Consultancy, help and advice, via workshops
  • Release of insight data
  • Bonus extra – Council Comms awards, looking at excellence in the industry, for individuals and organisations.

The programme will feature a limited number of places for hands-on help, and a sandwich lunch, and a webinar, 12:00 to 13:00, airing some of the key topics for virtual attendees also.


Paul Nield, director of Saascoms (previously CCS) said: “We want to explore who is thinking about how their customers want to communicate, what tools they have available and how they are satisfying this customer demand. In sum, how are they embracing consumer change.

“We aim to explore how authorities communicate, in terms of hours of contact, and incorporating the different channels i.e. email, telephone, digital such as SMS, Whatsapp etc into comms strategies.” 

Gerard Dugdill, publishing director at Credit Today said the Saas Comms event should build recent work done on Credit Today’s Keep Britain Solvent campaign, hoping to keep businesses and consumers afloat post lockdown. See Compassionate Enforcement as an example of a recent webinar.

“We hope this event can be an established fixture looking at how all creditors can enhance comms strategies with customers to explore best practice for the best possible industry,” he said.

A number of partner organisations in consulting and enforcement are also behind the event.



Saascoms, formerly knowns as CCS, was formed in 2004 with the core aim of providing specialised communication solutions to large and medium sized businesses that not only increase productivity but also reduce costs.  We now work with some of the UK’s largest blue-chip companies.

Year after year, our products and clients grow with award winning, proven methods of digital contact engagement. Specialising in customer engagement digital solutions and having huge experience within Credit & Collections, working with over 25 credit & collection functions, across UK, Europe, North America and Australasia.   


Sooth Consulting’s purpose is to work with business leaders to help their organisations perform better. Working with individuals and teams we find solutions that fix their operational challenges – whether that’s in sales, service or collections. The name ’sooth’ means truth, reality and fact. An old word, its meaning is as important today as ever – critical elements in any valued relationship – whether that’s with your clients, your colleagues or your customers. 

With over 25 years of expertise across sectors as diverse as telecoms, healthcare, media, financial services and utilities we drive performance improvement in every element of the customer operation.

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Gerard Dugdill (Publishing Director, Credit Today)

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For the commercial and consumer industry, www.credittoday.co. For editorial or advertising queries please email gd@credittoday.co

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