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In the third piece of an “advertorial” series on communication to clients, Paul Nield of CCS looks at the benefits of non-voice communication, with some up to date case studies from the industry.

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Hello again, Credit Today readers. As articles 1 and 2 have hopefully determined, there is a greater need for your organisation to have more non-voice communication means of communication with your clients. The fluency of the solution and provider is paramount to ensure maximum benefit.

What factors should you consider?

Well, here are some pointers:

  • What communication mediums does the platform interact with?
  • Agent screen view. Ease of use & deployment.
  • Chatbot – tag processing Vs Natural language
  • Campaign & queue management rules.
  • ID&V options via Chatbot – to support dynamic ID&V per campaign.
  • Reporting – dashboard & in-depth analytics
  • Support from the provider, set up, management, and product knowledge.
  • Cost, commitment, and roadmap.

The strength of our Omni Reach system, we like to think, lies in its agile development. CCS has our own in-house development team whose role is to support and develop the current and future road map of Omni Reach.

A two-way messaging platform can be fairly rudimentary in operation & design. However, when you add in multiple communication channels, agent assign and re-allocation ticketing, campaign/queue routing rules, based on ID&V variance and white-labelling criteria it can become complex.

So, agility and support is imperative in rollout and day to day operation. Not all Chatbots are equal! CCS works with you to understand which chatbot technology is best for your organisation, tag, or natural language processing.

The strength and success of a chatbot is the ability for it to be continually trained, the more conversations and scenarios presented the better it will become. CCS provides full support; our aim is to maximise the efficiency to your organisation.

A value-added feature of Omni Reach is the ability to take a daily data file/api from your business, meaning Chatbot ID&V and balance checks can be actioned with real-time data.

Benefits include:

  • Agile based platform. Use all or some of the communication channels & associated features.
  • Web chat, two-way SMS, Email, WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Twitter & other social media feeds all integrated and displayed in one simple, effective agent screen.
  • Chatbot – tag-based responses and Natural language processing. Dashboard reporting for campaign/queues and agents.
  • Analytic reports powered by Microsoft Power Bi module within Omni Reach.
  • Agent view. Easy to understand screen, visibility of outstanding, and assigned chats.
  • CRM data feed, template response, and agent-free type. One single view of all communication channels, whether it is web chat, SMS, Email, or Social Media.

Omni Reach offers a dynamic, intelligent omni-channel portal, keeping your organisation one step ahead of your client’s interaction needs. Monthly concurrent agent or Enterprise licensing means you have can scale to your needs whilst maintain flexibility in your costs.

And finally…

What others are saying about Omni Reach.

Allied International Credit (UK) LtdSteven Hearton – Director of Operations.

Since launching our exciting new customer-facing website in June this year and embarking on a number of digital only strategies with many of our clients, we have reviewed a range of Omni channel platforms in order to find the best fit for our customers and our business.

The flexibility of the ‘Omni Reach’ platform in adapting to suit the needs of the many different programs we support, combined with the relentless support we have had from the CCS team to develop the AI interface, leaves us in no doubt we have the right partner.

Capquest Debt Recovery Ltd (Part of Arrow Global)William Reid – Strategic Communications Manager.

Capquest tendered for a two-way messaging platform during July 2020, several suppliers demonstrated their solutions before the top three were shortlisted. The working group at Capquest put a business requirements document in place using the MoSCoW method which listed the functionalities that the system must, should, could and would have.

CCS’s Omni Reach platform was able to perform all of the must-have functionalities, was feature-rich and competitively priced. No other platform could deliver a true Omni channel experience with a variety of communication channels including SMS, Email, Webchat, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Messenger.

The working group were very impressed with the robotic functions within the system which are easily configurable and learn from each conversation. The Omni Reach road map looks very promising and we look forward to working with CCS further during 2021.

If you would like to learn more about how a digital omni channel platform could be used within your organisation then the team at CCS would be happy to schedule an informal chat with you. www.omnireach.net T: +44 (0)1785 240680

Gerard Dugdill (Publishing Director, Credit Today)

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